A Journey from a Craigslist Ad to Thoroughbred Triumphs

It was 2010. Justin Revak sat at his computer and came across something that caught his eye. It was a Craigslist ad for a MN bred, 2-year-old for $300 per 1% share. Loving horse racing since he was a kid, he picked up the phone and called the number on the ad.

After learning the horse was in training not far from his home, he jumped in his car and headed out to the farm to meet him. Stepping out of the car, he found a barn hand and asked where Rocket Wrench was stalled. Making his way down the shed row, he slowed his steps as he reached the stall door.

Looking in, there he stood, “This him?!” Justin hollered down to the barn hand. “Yep! That’s him!” “Oh boy…” Justin took a deep breath as this donkey-looking, big-headed, black horse stepped out from the shadows. He laughed to himself as Rocket blew a breath on his face, “Well you’re not that good looking but can you run?”

He placed his hand on Rocket’s nose, “What the hell,” he gave Rocket another pat, and traced the wrench-looking white mark down his face, “It’s just $300.” That season, he ran a couple of times with not much luck. The last race of the year he ran third which was not terrible, but it was out of 4 horses so in this circumstance, it was second to last so…. yes, kind of terrible.

Not thinking too much about it, Justin was enjoying being in the game so the next year, he bought 10% of him. And, yet again…. with not much luck. “Hey, you want him?!” The main owner asked Justin, “I’ll sell him to you.” Justin laughed, “Sell? He is not worth anything!” “Well, you just want him then?! If not, I will probably send him up to Canada.”

“What’s in Canada?” “Eh…. it’s just another type of racing…you know…maybe he’d make some money up there.” “Let me think about it first before you send him,” responded Justin. That evening Justin sat at home and could not get Rocket off his mind. This horse was not worth a dime and yet, there was just something about him.

So, the next day, Rocket was moved to Justin’s farm for the winter. At the start of the third season, Justin took to Craigslist himself and looked for nine partners asking $1,000 each. The ad, to his surprise, took. Now, the general partner of Rocket, Justin decided to change up trainers and sent him to Canterbury Hall of Fame trainer, Bernell Rhone. The first time that year he ran second!

On June 30th, 2012, Rocket Wrench Racing was officially a winning partnership as Rocket crossed the finish line first! As races came and went, it was as if Rocket had figured it out. He was a Thoroughbred racehorse and received as much love and care when he lost as when he won.

So, with money in the Rocket Wrench Racing account, it was decided to retire Rocket out at Justin’s farm and begin to claim other horses. Twelve years later, the number of Rocket Wrench Racing partners continues to grow and the originals who saw Justin’s ad on Craigslist are still part of this family of racehorse enthusiasts and a general partner that decided “Why Not.”